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Data Protector A.10.xx

This page contains information on Data Protector A.10.00 patch release history and important additions/changes. It gets continuously updated as soon as new patches become available.

Data Protector A.10.04 Patch Bundle

The Data Protector A.10.03 Media Kit can be installed on top of A.08.10, A.09.00, A.10.00 or any later Patch Bundle or Patch to allow a direct upgrade path to the latest release. Then continue with the upgrade to A.10.04 using the Patch Bundle.

Link to Media Kit download and license upgrade for existing customers:

Link to free 60 day trial download for new customers:

Important: The Data Protector A.10.03 is a fully featured Release therefore the files are not published to the SSO portal. You can get the new Media Kit and licenses keys (if upgrading from 8.1x or 9.x) from the following page. A.10.00 license keys are accepted with A.10.03.

Link to Release Notes and download for Windows:

Data Protector 10.04 for Windows (DPWINBDL_01004)

Link to Release Notes and download for Linux:

Data Protector 10.04 for Linux/64 (DPLNXBDL_01004)

Link to Release Notes and download for HP-UX:

Data Protector 10.04 for HP-UX/IA (DPUXBDL_01004)

Important changes included:

  • Disk Agent support on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on IBM Power Systems support
  • Data Protector client push installation by non-root user
    • User must be able to run sudo with or without a password
  • 3-way NDMP backup from EMC Isilon and VNX to StoreOnce Catalyst and File Library devices
  • Operation Orchestration integration
  • Scheduler enhancements
    • Enhanced Day view interface.
    • Improved Maintenance Job functionality.
  • User management—LDAP groups for Active Directory
    • omniusers command includes a new option ldap_config
  • VMware GRE enhancements
    • No need to re-authenticate during a user session when working with different VMs
    • Able to select mount proxy when connecting to vCenter GRE plugin

Important changes included in A.10.03 Release:

  • Rebranded Data Protector to Micro Focus look & feel
  • Scheduler Enhancements
    • Scheduler maintenance functionality
    • Group operations on schedule like disable/enable
    • Schedule is copied with any copy operation on a spec
    • Holidays in monthly and daily view
    • CLI creation and modification of Schedules using omnidbutil
  • User management
    • New Web username also used/required for REST API and VMware GRE
    • omniusers support on Windows and UNIX
  • Install and upgrade improvements
    • changes to extract components from Installation Server
  • Update INET port
    • omnicc -update_local_port command added to change INET port in the cell
    • Allow to configure INET port during installation on Linux/UNIX clients
  • Amazon S3 support
    • New B2D device that has native support for S3 cloud storage
  • NDMP backup to StoreOnce Catalyst
    • Full 3-way NDMP backup/restore support for NetApp to StoreOnce Catalyst or File Library
  • Next generation StoreOnce integration
    • HPE StoreOnce 4.x support
    • StoreOnce Data immutability Support

Important changes included in A.10.02 Patch Bundle:

  • Consolidated scheduler enhancements
    • Schedule jobs to recursively in minutes or hours frequency pattern
    • New debug option is added that enables creation of debug logs for a particular schedule
  • PostgreSQL Server 9.6
  • Recovery Manager Central (RMC) 4.0 and 4.1
  • Exchange 2016 and Exchange 2016 Granular Recovery Extension (GRE) on Windows Server 2016

Important changes included in A.10.01 Patch Bundle:

  • Improved Network multihoming support
  • VMware 6.5 Update 1 and VMFS 6 support
    • VEPA backup host support on RHEL 7.x
  • SQL Availability Groups support in SharePoint 2013 Granular Recovery Extension (GRE)
  • SQL Server 2014 in SharePoint 2013 Granular Recovery Extension (GRE)
  • SAP archive backup sessions successful
    • New global option SessSuccessfulWhenNoSapArchiveLogsBackedUp to control SAP Archive log backup behavior if no archive logs have been backed up
  • Oracle 12c SYSBACKUP privilege support for backup/recovery operations
    • Older Oracle versions will continue with the SYSDBA permissions
  • Oracle ZDB support with SLEHA Cluster on P9500 XP and 3PAR
  • Automatic removal of failed object versions in successfully completed resumed sessions
    • omnidbutil -delete_obsolete_resumed_versions command added
  • ZDB support on NetApp in Cluster Mode
  • Source-side gateway support for MSSQL integration
  • DDBoost 3.4 library version to support EMC DDOS 6.1
  • Automatic VMware Granular Recovery Extension (GRE) plug-in reinstallation during upgrade
  • Consolidated scheduler enhancements
    • Monthly view in addition to daily view
    • Free text search in Daily view
    • Filtering options
    • Performance improvements
  • Direct I/O support on Linux and AIX operating systems (OB2VXDIRECT)

Important changes included in A.10.00 Release:

  • Security Enhancements
    • Secure communications (TLS 1.2, enabled by default)
    • Centralized Command Execution
  • Completely revised support matrix
    • General clean-up
    • Dropped support of legacy items
  • New Home Context featuring
    • Dashboard View
    • Web-based Telemetry UI
    • Web-based Scheduler
  • New OVKEY4 license keys required from license portal
  • Telemetry client supported on Linux and HP-UX clients
  • REST APIs available