Resolving FilterListenerService installation issue

You may run into this non-critical issue during upgrade to Data Protector A.09.09 on Windows Cell Managers in case to the installation was done to a non-default path, e.g O:\Omniback and the VEPA integration is also installed.

  • Error: could not locate INF file ‘C:\Program Files\Omniback\bin\HPEDpHsm.inf’ is displayed during the patch bundle setup
  • High CPU load caused by Filter Listener, FilterListenerService (Data Protector Filter Listener Service) on Windows client with VEPA after upgrade

This issue can be resolved three simple steps:

1. Stop the FilterListenerService

2. Install the HPEDpHsm.inf from the context menu

3. Execute the following command from an elevated command prompt and check if the service is running smoothly.

O:\OmniBack\bin>fltmc unload HpeDpHsm
O:\OmniBack\bin>fltmc load HpeDpHsm