List non-migrated DCBFs

If you need to deal with non-migrated DCBFs after an upgrade to Data Protector 8 or later, you might find this SQL query useful. It will display all non-migrated DCBFs (dcbf_version = -1) with references in the IDB. Don’t remove the old catalog using perl -remove_old_catalog before all v1 DCBFs have been successfully migrated to v2. The migration is done using perl -start_catalog_migration.

SELECT medium_name, dcbf_directory, dcbf_version FROM dp_dcbf_info i, dp_dcbf_directory d
WHERE i.dcbf_directory_seq_id = d.dp_numkey and dcbf_version != '2'
ORDER BY medium_name ASC, dcbf_directory ASC;

Save the query as dcbf_version.sql and run omnidbutil -run_script dcbf_version.sql -detail.