Clustered Cell Manager requires omnirc parameter

I just stumbled across an issue introduced with Data Protector A.08.00 and the new PostgreSQL database on clustered Cell Managers running on Linux and HP-UX. It’s related to restoration of IDB configuration files back to the shared disk.

IDB Configuration Restore

As you might know, parts of the Data Protector installation are stored on shared disk for a clustered configuration. The directory structure remains the same, but symlinks will point to the shared disk. This is true for the IDB located in /var/opt/omni/server and the configuration files stored in /etc/opt/omni/server.

[root@linux~]# ls -al /etc/opt/omni/server
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root hpdp 24 May 9 14:02 /etc/opt/omni/server -> /ob2/etc_opt_omni_server

To allow the IDB integration agent postgres_bar.exe to follow the symlinks properly, you must define OB2SGENABLED=1 as an omnirc parameter on all cluster nodes that are enabled to run the Data Protector Cell Manager cluster package with Data Protector 8 and later.

Please note, if this parameter is defined, the file /opt/omni/.omnirc is not backed up as a part of the IDB backup since it is local to each node. It should be included in the regular file system backup of your cluster nodes.

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