Re-initialize Data Protector IDB (PostgreSQL)

This post will show you how to re-initialize the Internal Database of Data Protector 8 or later to start from scratch without the need for re-installation. This was quite simple on previous versions and needs to be adjusted for the new PostgreSQL database and JBoss application server. These instructions will work on Linux and HP-UX. If I find a proper way for Windows, I’ll update this post.

Starting from scratch means the content of the IDB and the certificates used for authentication will be lost. You have been warned! This is acceptable for my test systems.

First shut down the services and remove some files and directories from the filesystem

[root@linux ~]# omnisv stop
HP Data Protector services successfully stopped.
[root@linux ~]# rm -rf /etc/opt/omni/server/AppServer
[root@linux ~]# rm -rf /etc/opt/omni/server/idb
[root@linux ~]# rm -rf /var/opt/omni/server
[root@linux ~]# rm -rf /tmp/*

Now copy relevant files from newconfig directory

[root@linux ~]# cp -aR /opt/omni/newconfig/etc/opt/omni/server/AppServer /etc/opt/omni/server/
[root@linux ~]# cp -aR /opt/omni/newconfig/etc/opt/omni/server/idb /etc/opt/omni/server/
[root@linux ~]# cp -aR /opt/omni/newconfig/var/opt/omni/server /var/opt/omni/

The last step is to run the which usually runs during installation time to initialize the IDB and Application server

[root@linux ~]# /opt/omni/sbin/
NOTE: No Data Protector A.08.10 Internal Database found. Initializing...
Configuring and starting up Internal Database... Done!
Configuring and starting up Internal Database Connection Pool... Done!
Initializing Internal Database version A.08.10... Done!
Configuring and starting up Application Server... Done!
Setting Internal Database passwords... Done!
Starting up Data Protector Services... Done!
NOTE: Data Protector A.08.10 Internal Database initialized.

[root@linux ~]# omnisv status
ProcName Status [PID]
crs : Active [30520]
mmd : Active [30518]
kms : Active [30519]
hpdp-idb : Active [28234]
hpdp-idb-cp : Active [28058]
hpdp-as : Active [28665]
omnitrig : Active
Sending of traps disabled.
Status: All Data Protector processes/services up and running.

[root@linux ~]# omnidbcheck -extended
Check Level Mode Status
Database connection -connection OK
Schema consistency -schema_consistency OK
Datafiles consistency -verify_db_files OK
Database consistency -database_consistency OK
Media consistency -media_consistency OK
SIBF(readability) -sibf OK
DCBF(presence and size) -bf OK
OMNIDC(consistency) -dc OK

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