DM-MP and SVSP 3.02

Here is a working and well tested addition for your /etc/multipath.conf if you’re using RHEL4 and SVSP 3. Please keep in mind that RHEL4 does not have an ALUA hardware handler in kernel and requires the HP-EVA MS-DPM personality of the Linux host profile.

device {
  vendor                "HP"
  product               "HSVX700"
  path_grouping_policy  group_by_prio
  prio_callout          "/sbin/mpath_prio_hp_sw /dev/%n"
  hardware_handler      "0"
  path_checker          hp_sw
  failback              immediate
  no_path_retry         12
  rr_min_io             100

The modification will be available in RHEL4 Update 9 when available.

I expect the same settings to work for RHEL5-6 and SLES9-11, too. Newer Linux releases like RHEL5-6 and SLES10-11 support the ALUA hardware handler and should use the new ALUA personality which is available in SVSP 3.03 and later.

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