Patch Data Protector standalone client

There are cases in with you need to apply GA patches to a UNIX client and you don’t have an Data Protector UNIX IS (Installation Server) available. This is worse, because the patches are designed to update an installation server only. The following procedure will help you out. Instead of applying the patches to an IS, we’ll just extract the desired target platform patch from the archive. I’ll demonstrate how this is done with DPLNX_00200.tar for DP 6.20.

  • Download the patches and extract the tarball
    tar xf DPLNX_00200.tar
  • Review the patch documentation and convert the IS RPM into CPIO archive
    less DPLNX_00200.text
    rpm2cpio DPLNX_00200.rpm > DPLNX_00200.cpio
  • Extract the CPIO archive into current directory
    cpio -dmi < DPLNX_00200.cpio
  • Copy the target platform patch out of the repository directory (the same structure can be found on any UNIX IS).
    cp /opt/omni/databases/vendor/omnicf/gpl/x86_64/linux-x86-64/A.06.20/packet.Z \
    `file /opt/omni/databases/vendor/omnicf/gpl/x86_64/linux-x86-64/A.06.20/packet.Z | awk '{ print $6 }'`.rpm
    cp /opt/omni/databases/vendor/integ/gpl/x86_64/linux-x86-64/A.06.20/packet.Z \
    `file /opt/omni/databases/vendor/integ/gpl/x86_64/linux-x86-64/A.06.20/packet.Z | awk '{ print $6 }'`.rpm

    Please note: The CORE patch is special, since it contains omnicf (CORE) and integ (Online Integration) patches. In case of Data Protector 6.11 and earlier, you need to gunzip the packet.Z before you can rename it. This has been changed with version 6.20 and later.

  • Apply the patch to the system. This does not even require the componet to be installed in advance.
    rpm -Uvh --replacefiles --replacepkgs OB2-CORE-A.06.20-1.rpm

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