Data Protector requirements for Linux CM / revised

Here are some required, but not well documented requirements for Data Protector Cell Manager (Cell Server) installation on the Linux platform. Update: This information has been revised for SLES11. These steps are not intended to replace the Installation and Licensing documentation shipped with the media kit. Rather they should help you to bring things up more quickly. As always, think before you type or copy & paste. Things might vary on your distribution. Please check directory structures and files before using the commands!

  • Make sure the port 5555 is not blocked by any conflicting entry / uncomment it if found
    /usr/bin/perl -p -i -e 's/personal-agent/\#personal-agent/' /etc/services
    /usr/bin/perl -p -i -e 's/rplay/\#rplay/' /etc/services
  • Make sure Korn shell (ksh) is installed / most likely missing on RHEL
    /bin/rpm -qa "ksh"
    /usr/bin/yum install ksh
  • Make sure compat-libstdc++ is installed. If not, install using distribution tools (yum in case of RHEL).
    /bin/rpm -qa | /usr/bin/awk '/compat-libstdc\+\+\-33|libstdc\+\+33/'
    /usr/bin/yum install compat-libstdc++-33
  • Make sure glibc.i686 is installed. This is required for the included 32 bit Perl to work on Linux x86_64.
    /bin/rpm -qa "glibc*" | /usr/bin/awk '/i686|32bit/'
    /usr/bin/yum install glibc.i686
  • Make Data Protector shared libraries available in LDPATH and update cache
    /bin/cat << EOF > /etc/
    # /etc/ - Added for Data Protector Software
  • Make Data Protector binaries available system wide using PATH variable
    /bin/cat << EOF > /etc/profile.d/
    # /etc/profile.d/ - Added for Data Protector Software
    export PATH
  • Extend search path for man command to include Data Protector manpages. The /etc/manpath.config on SLES is adjusted by making those actions irrelevant.
    /bin/echo -e "\n# Added for Data Protector Software\nMANPATH\t\t/opt/omni/lib/man" >> /etc/man.config

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