Data Protector patch order

As you hopefully know, there is a specific patch order for Data Protector patches you should follow – especially on Windows CS, because the patches are not only applied to the Installation Server.
The general rule of thumb is to apply patches in the following order:

  • CORE
  • CS / Cell Server
  • CC / Cell Console
  • DA / Disk Agent
  • MA / Meda Agent
  • Online Integrations (VEPA, Oracle, MSSQL etc.)

So, if you forgot to rename the patches while downloading them from you might want to identify the patches before installing them.

The easy way is to enable the Product name field for your Windows Explorer. This works for Windows patches only – Solaris, Linux and HP-UX patches are a bit different.

First switch your folder view to Details and then right-click on any visible field in to bring up the context menu which allows you to add additional fields of your Windows Explorer.

The more time consuming way is to open each patch one by one, look at the title bar and check the patch dependencies for each patch available and currently installed. This is also the preferred way if you can’t remember the patch order at all.

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