Official Linux DM-MP and SVSP support

Even if this information is distributed in Native Linux Device-Mapper Disk Arrays reference guide trough SPOCK, I’d like to wrap up the most impotent facts for the impatient. By now, this is configuration is fully supported by HP. Emulex as well as QLogic FC HBAs are supported. I’d like to refer to SPOCK for a complete listing.

With the following device entry present in /etc/multipath.conf devices section you should be able to use DM-MP on most available Linux distros with the HSVX700 host personality. (ALUA compliant)

Based on distro, kernel and device-mapper-multipath versions minor modifications might be required to match your specific needs. Those have been included as well in the listing below.

device {
  vendor		"HP"
  product		"HSVX700|HSVX740"

  # replace getuid_callout based on operting system type/version
  getuid_callout	"/sbin/scsi_id -g -u -s /block/%n"

  # for SLES 11 and later
  #getuid_callout	“/lib/udev/scsi_id -g -u /dev/%n”
  # for RHEL 6.1 and later
  #getuid_callout	“/lib/udev/scsi_id –-whitelisted -–device=/dev/%n”

  # replace prio_callout with prio based on operting system type/version
  prio_callout		"/sbin/mpath_prio_alua /dev/%n"

  # replacement for SLES 10 SP3, SLES 11, RHEL 5.7, RHEL 6.0
  #prio			alua

  hardware_handler	"1 alua"
  path_selector		"round-robin 0"
  path_grouping_policy	group_by_prio
  failback		immediate
  rr_weight		uniform
  rr_min_io		100
  no_path_retry		18
  path_checker		tur

If you’re stuck with the EVA3000 personality right now, you might want to migrate to HSVX700. Please make sure you unpresent all LUNs via VSM before personality change to prevent unexpected DPM reboots.

Note: You do not have to use HPDM Kit 4.4.1 for current distros This is only required for RHEL 5.3 and earlier due to an issue in the scsi_id tool used for getuid_callout.

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