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Source devices in Object Copy/Replication

When using Object Copy or Replication in Data Protector it is important to ensure the right Media Agent is reading the source data. This ensures the data stream is either kept locally on a specific Media Agent or is using the right path through the network. You could either use a static re-mapping of Source …

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HPE Data Protector A.09.00: Patch release history

The content of this post has been obsoleted/removed. I’ve included the information in the continuously updated page I think you’ll find it very useful. I strongly recommend to bookmark this page and check by regularly.

List non-migrated DCBFs

If you need to deal with non-migrated DCBFs after an upgrade to Data Protector 8 or later, you might find this SQL query useful. It will display all non-migrated DCBFs (dcbf_version = -1) with references in the IDB. Don’t remove the old catalog using perl -remove_old_catalog before all v1 DCBFs have been successfully migrated to v2. The migration …

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Investigating NDMP performance

I spend some time on the Data Protector NDMP Integration, especially to compare it to CIFS/NFS backups available with the regular Disk Agent. Luckily an older EMC Celerra NS20 was available and I was able start immediately. A quick look at the NDMP support matrix revealed no restrictions since the unit was running T5.6.50.203. To …

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Quiesced Snapshots for Exchange 2010 on vSphere 5.0

Due to an upgrade from vSphere 4.0 to 5.0 some of our virtual machines stopped working in VEPA/vStorage backup sessions. I’ve noticed that a quiesced snapshot using vCenter was not possible. I was able to fix the most of them by reinstalling VMware Tools to fix some VSS inconsistencies, but an Exchange 2010 VM caused …

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Drown a VM using Ressource Allocation

Just came across a strange effect, at least strange for a system administrator, related to VMware Ressource Allocation. When checking one of my virtual servers I’ve noticed a high memory usage compared to the running processes in Task Manager and Process Explorer. The barely no free RAM left. I was not able find a relation …

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Update Host Extensions using VUM

Have you ever wondered what happened to management agents the major server vendors provided in the past for VMware ESX? (e.g. HP Management Agents for VMware ESX) They have been moved into a more standardized framework within ESXi – the so called extensions. Those extensions are bundled with the regular ESXi installation media by most …

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Gentoo Linux: Hyper-V R2 Enlightenment

If you ever worked with Hyper-V on Windows 2008 R2 you might know the Linux support is still an issue compared to other hypervisors like VMware. In the meantime Microsoft official supports SLES and RHEL as Hyper-V R2 guests. To have them running smoothly, you should install the Linux Integration Services Version 3.1 for Hyper-V …

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Changed from bblog to WordPress

As bblog was no longer actively maintained, I was forced to switch to something new. WordPress seems to be a good alternative. As it comes with some quite interesting features, you can expect to see something new here soon.