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Unable to append tape with MTWEOFI enabled

I’ve observed the following issue on Media Agents on Linux with MTWEOFI support turned on in omnirc (to optimize performance) when running recent versions of Data Protector such as A.09.09_116. While the first write operation to a blank or expired media will succeed an append operation to a tape by the Linux Media Agent will generate …

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Resolve Media Changer issues

Recently I had to troubleshoot an issue where loading and unloading tape drives in a tape library was causing trouble. Parallel operations executed on the same library changer device caused a subset of the operations to fail leading to aborted sessions. A Linux Media Agent controlling the library changer reported the following error. [Normal] From: …

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Source devices in Object Copy/Replication

When using Object Copy or Replication in Data Protector it is important to ensure the right Media Agent is reading the source data. This ensures the data stream is either kept locally on a specific Media Agent or is using the right path through the network. You could either use a static re-mapping of Source …

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HPE Data Protector A.09.00: Patch release history

The content of this post has been obsoleted/removed. I’ve included the information in the continuously updated page I think you’ll find it very useful. I strongly recommend to bookmark this page and check by regularly.

Resolving FilterListenerService installation issue

You may run into this non-critical issue during upgrade to Data Protector A.09.09 on Windows Cell Managers in case to the installation was done to a non-default path, e.g O:\Omniback and the VEPA integration is also installed. Error: could not locate INF file ‘C:\Program Files\Omniback\bin\HPEDpHsm.inf’ is displayed during the patch bundle setup High CPU load caused …

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Tape drive performance with MTWEOFI on Linux

Physical tape drives are a precious resource in today’s fast growing data centers. If you’re running backups or copies to physical tape drives performance is key. I did some research on this topic based on a customer request. They reported that backups on Windows clients where much faster compared to Linux clients when writing directly …

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Resolve Cell Manager installation failures on RHEL7

Starting with Data Protector A.09.05 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 and 7.1 is now a supported Cell Manager platform. But running the regular installation procedure on a fresh RHEL 7.1 system does not work, even with all requirements met. [root@linux ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.1 (Maipo) [root@linux ~]# uname -a Linux …

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VMware Power On from 3PAR ZDB

This post will guide you through the basic configuration, backup and restore (Power On/Live Migrate) for VEAgent backups (VMware) hosted on 3PAR storage systems. This functionality has been introduced with Data Protector A.09.04_104. While this guide is considered as a good starting point you should also check the ZDBAdmin.pdf and ZDBIntegration.pdf for complete documentation, list of limitations and troubleshooting procedures. Storage integration in …

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Clean up after Data Protector IDB restore (Windows)

This is a follow-up on my post Clean up after Data Protector IDB restore which was intended for Linux/UNIX Cell Managers. It will guide you through the very same procedure to clean up after a successful IDB restore on a Windows Cell Manager. The same rules and warnings apply. Please note: Data Protector program files and program data are installed to …

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List non-migrated DCBFs

If you need to deal with non-migrated DCBFs after an upgrade to Data Protector 8 or later, you might find this SQL query useful. It will display all non-migrated DCBFs (dcbf_version = -1) with references in the IDB. Don’t remove the old catalog using perl -remove_old_catalog before all v1 DCBFs have been successfully migrated to v2. The migration …

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