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Official Linux DM-MP and SVSP support

Even if this information is distributed in Native Linux Device-Mapper Disk Arrays reference guide trough SPOCK, I’d like to wrap up the most impotent facts for the impatient. By now, this is configuration is fully supported by HP. Emulex as well as QLogic FC HBAs are supported. I’d like to refer to SPOCK for a …

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DM-MP and SVSP 3.02

Here is a working and well tested addition for your /etc/multipath.conf if you’re using RHEL4 and SVSP 3. Please keep in mind that RHEL4 does not have an ALUA hardware handler in kernel and requires the HP-EVA MS-DPM personality of the Linux host profile. device { vendor “HP” product “HSVX700” path_grouping_policy group_by_prio prio_callout “/sbin/mpath_prio_hp_sw /dev/%n” …

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