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Mar 30

Resolving FilterListenerService installation issue

You may run into this non-critical issue during upgrade to Data Protector A.09.09 on Windows Cell Managers in case to the installation was done to a non-default path, e.g O:\Omniback and the VEPA integration is also installed. Error: could not locate INF file ‘C:\Program Files\Omniback\bin\HPEDpHsm.inf’ is displayed during the patch bundle setup High CPU load caused …

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Jul 02

Clean up after Data Protector IDB restore (Windows)

This is a follow-up on my post Clean up after Data Protector IDB restore which was intended for Linux/UNIX Cell Managers. It will guide you through the very same procedure to clean up after a successful IDB restore on a Windows Cell Manager. The same rules and warnings apply. Please note: Data Protector program files and program data are installed to …

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May 07

Failed to open Data Protector GUI: Internal Error

I just came across a strange Data Protector User Interface error. After a fresh installation the DP GUI reported the following error during first start. Internal Error Non-recoverable error: (0) Failed to initialize the working environment. System error: Unknown The debug.log created in the home directory of the user had the following error in it …

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Dec 30

Drown a VM using Ressource Allocation

Just came across a strange effect, at least strange for a system administrator, related to VMware Ressource Allocation. When checking one of my virtual servers I’ve noticed a high memory usage compared to the running processes in Task Manager and Process Explorer. The barely no free RAM left. I was not able find a relation …

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Oct 17

Data Protector patch order

As you hopefully know, there is a specific patch order for Data Protector patches you should follow – especially on Windows CS, because the patches are not only applied to the Installation Server. The general rule of thumb is to apply patches in the following order: CORE CS / Cell Server CC / Cell Console …

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