May 31

HPE Data Protector A.09.00: Patch release history

Hewlett Packard Enterprise just released the all-new GR patches for Data¬†Protector A.09.09 and I’ve just updated my release history slide to reflect that change. As usual the GR patches contain bug fixes and only a few minor enhancements.

Here is a quick list of additions in the release:

  • Firewall-friendly operation (reduce TCP port usage, not longer using dynamic ports between updated agents)
  • Support for telemetry functionality added (Phone Home)
  • Perl distribution updated to 5.24.0
  • OpenSSL packages updated to 1.0.2j
  • Windows Mount Proxy for Cached GRE/Power ON/Live Migrate from StoreOnce Catalyst
  • Support excluding VEPA backup objects
  • Support VCSA 6 with the default firewall configuration
  • SQL Server Native Client 11.0 and TLS 1.2 support was added to the MSSQL Tntegration
  • EMC Data Domain Boost over FC on Solaris clients is now supported
  • NDMP on EMC VNX File 8.1.2-51 is now supported
  • NDMP on NetApp ONTAP 9.x is now supported
  • General security enhancements:
    • libcurl and Perl updated
    • hpdpcert.pem is no longer installed
    • ECC does not create .p12 files, unused entries are removed from configuration files
    • When ECC is disabled or client exported, the certificates are removed from client and Cell Manager
    • On UNIX systems, utilns/detach functionality for pre/post-exec is provided directly by agents and the binary is removed from distribution