Oct 14

New HP EVA software available

HP just released hot new software for their EVA 4400/6400/8400 and P6300/P6500 systems. This includes a bugfix release of the XCS code for the latest arrays as well as brand new Management software CommandView 10.0. The great thing about CV 10.0 is the ability to manage multiple EVAs from one console, even if they are reachable only via the ABM management module using LAN. In previous versions an FC connection was required in all cases.

The brand new EVA PA (Performance Advisor) will provide historical in-depth analysis for EVA performance as well as real-time diagnostics. This tool requires a per array license, which is available for all arrays expect EVA GL (3000/5000). Please note, that EVA GL support has been droppped from this release. A 60 day instant-on trial license is included as usual.

If you want to play with the new software before putting it into production, there is a full featured CommandView Simulator available which also includes EVA PA.

HP P6000 CommandView Software including simulator

HP P6000 CommandView Software Suite 10.0 download and release notes

EVA 4400,6400,8400 XCS 10001000 download and release notes


EVA P6300, P6500 XCS 10001000 download and release notes


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